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Why We Pay for CrossFit

Our own habits, what CrossFit can provide in our lives and ultimately what becomes important to us all go into whether or not we see the real value. #1 – We are already spending the money on things that do not enhance our lives. Think I’m full of it, let’s look at our bank statements…

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Build This Community

Let’s face it, if you are having a great time getting fit and reaching your goals, then you are going to be telling people. It would almost be selfish to keep it to yourself! We at LCCF want you to know that we appreciate your enthusiasm, and we have a program to reward what you…

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Are You Training or Exercising?

What is the difference you ask? Attitude and Intentionality. Training is as much about attitude and your intentions as it is about action. #1 Intentionality is key because training is specific and will not happen by accident. In order to train with a program you need to set some specific goals and begin to develop…

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